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February 25, 2019by scv


How much does NetSuite cost? You can subscribe to NetSuite for as little as $99 per month depending on your requirements, however the price will depend on the nature of the solution you require.
What is included in the NetSuite price? All software hosting, upgrades and maintenance costs are included in the subscription.
How many customers do both NetSuite and BlueBridge One have? Currently more than 40,000+ companies and organisations worldwide using NetSuite
Is there a limit on the number of NetSuite users I can have? No. NetSuite is a totally scalable solution with supports any number of users ranging from one to into the thousands.
Is NetSuite a hosted (On Demand) service? Yes. NetSuite is the True Cloud ERP with subscription based service provided via the Internet.
How long do I sign up for? Your NetSuite contract is for a minimum period of one year and a maximum period of three years.
Who will provide my Support? NetSuite offers various support options. In addition SuiteCloud provides free telephone and email support to all is customers. For more details of you various support options please use our Support chatbot
What are the benefits of a multi-year contract? With a multi-year contract you are able to lock prices in for upto three years.
If I should cancel my contract with NetSuite how can I access my data? Customers can export their data to a Comma Seperated Value (CSV) file via their NetSuite application. NetSuite also provides ODBC access.


Where will my NetSuite data be stored? Your NetSuite data will be stored in world leading collocation facilities of the Oracle Corporation.
What kind of security does NetSuite provide during data transmission? NetSuite provide 128 bit SSL encryption. SSL creates a secure connection between a client and a server, over which any amount of data can be sent securely.
Does NetSuite provide security to restrict viewing of reports and screens based on the User? NetSuite provides role and permission based security that allows administrators to control visibility, actions and/or data. There are approximately 20 default roles, each of which can be modified by the clients.
Does NetSuite support IP address access control? NetSuite enables you to implement IP address level security. With IP Address Rules you can restrict employee access to certain computers for logging into their NetSuite account. This insures that your most sensitive roles, e.g. controller, are only accessed on your premises and/or at the controller’s home.
How do NetSuite Users authenticate themselves? Users access NetSuite using password authentication, which is encrypted via 128-bit SSL.
Does NetSuite provide Audit Trail functionality? Yes. The Audit Trail lists all the accounting entries for each transaction. The Audit Trail lets you verify information, track changes and search for errors or suspicious activity in your financial accounts.

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Is NetSuite PCI compliant? Yes. NetSuite has successfully completed an assesssment based on the PCI Data Security Standard
Does NetSuite support 3DSecure authentication? Yes. 3DSecure authentication is supported

Service Level Agreement

What happens if my ISP goes down? NetSuite provides an Off-line Client. In addition you can run NetSuite off a GPRS 3G card via your cellular provider as a backup.
Does NetSuite have standard “Terms of Service”? NetSuite has standard Terms of Service
What is NetSuites “Up-time Guarantee”.? The Service Level Target Up-time is 99.5% for each month but it constantly achieved 99.98% – 99.99%. This quality is independently verified and made transparent on Website: https://status.netsuite.com/ 
What can I claim if Netsuite does not meet this guarantee? For details of what you may claim please see Exhibit A of the Terms of Service.


What software and versions are used by NetSuite? Current Software Versions

·       Apache – Oracle OHS

·       Application – Oracle Version 10G

·       Database – Oracle

On which Server based Operating System is the NetSuite application hosted? The Data Center servers are Linux Servers running Linux
Which Client based Operating Systems/Web browsers are supported by NetSuite? NetSuite supports Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Unix, Apple Mac and Linux for the Client Operating System. Internet Explorer 5+, Safari, Netscape 7+ or other Mozilla-based browsers are the supported Browsers.
What development tools/languages are used to develop the application? The NetSuite application has been built in the J2EE framework. NetSuite use Java as the core programming language and utilize standard industry development tools.
What is the recommended bandwidth per concurrent user at the customer site? It varies by customer and NetSuite do not have a specific measurement per customer. The suggested minimum is a 500Kb ADSL line which can support multiple users.


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