Education Fundraising

July 16, 2020by Nam Nguyen

Achieve Financial Sustainability and Accelerate the Pledge-to-Payment Cycle

Fundraising and Donor Management
  • Manage the complete donation cycle, from pledge to payment.
  • Accept and process donations online, automate recurring donation schedules and standardize your donation processes.
  • Capture pledges and immediately route to the appropriate development resource for standard or personalized follow-up.
  • Streamline and automate your grants prospecting processes.
  • Automate membership billing, establish flexible billing and payment schedules and manage all transactions and routings with a single solution.

Business Impact

Increase Average Gift Size

Automate the gift-to-cash lifecycle and make giving easy.

Speed Pipeline Velocity

Accelerate the pledge-to-cash cycle.

Improve Billing Accuracy

Boost staff efficiencies and reduce revenue leakage.


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Constituent Relationship Management

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Online Ecommerce

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